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The Art Of Motion Dance School

Example Lesson Plan

The Art of Motion - starts off with a simple group dance. introducing newcomers to the story telling and the sultry pantomime that are most striking parts of modern burlesque. You will learn basic dance skills and build on the complexity of choreography in later classes so that you a become more skilled dancer with training that you can take to any style, not just burlesque.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

The format of each class will a fun moving warmup, then you'll be taught part of the choreography. After you've learned the basic moves you'll be taught the elements that will make the dance shine, including skills from bellydance, jazz dance and theatre.

Session 4 - This is a new addition to the class schedule lovingly named the Stich N Bitch. By this point you'll know all of the choreography and we'll have spoken about your costuming needs. This session will be your chance to experiment with pimping out your costume. Lace, sparkly fabrics, a rhinestoner and a sewing machine will be on hand for your use and feel free to bring along anything you have as well.

Session 5 - Will be the dress rehearsal session

Please contact me at for more info.

Model Dancer Artist

Midnight Iris

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